The company CRISTALUX, established in 1995, offers you a wide range of chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, lampshades, spotlights, curtains, souvenirs, and decorative tiles, all made of genuine crystal with a sparkling brilliance.
Since 2007, with the creation of CRISTALUX LIGHTING DESIGN (formerly TUNISIA LIGHTING), a subsidiary of CRISTALUX, we have enriched our product range by adding a Tunisian touch to decorative crystal lighting. We create specific and custom-made models to meet the unique needs of our clients. Thanks to our innovation and expertise, we have become leaders in the design and manufacture of large chandeliers.
Today, CRISTALUX and its subsidiary CRISTALUX LIGHTING DESIGN stand out for:
  • A customer-centric commercial strategy, responding to the various proposals of architects and decorators.
  • Unmatched quality standards, making us the go-to suppliers for major projects.
  • The ability to offer unique and customized lighting solutions, tailored to each project and space.
Our prestigious achievements and commitment to excellence have earned us the trust of numerous partners and clients, making CRISTALUX an essential reference in the field of crystal lighting.