CRISTALUX is proud to exclusively represent Asfour Crystal products, a world-renowned leader in the production of exceptionally brilliant crystals. Asfour Crystal's crystals are distinguished by their unparalleled brilliance, the result of artisanal craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology. Meeting the strictest global standards, Asfour Crystal's crystals feature a lead oxide content that far exceeds 30%, making them among the highest in the crystal industry. Their superior quality makes them a preferred choice for the most demanding and prestigious projects worldwide.
Type Pbo SiO2 K2O Density Refractive Index
Superior Crystal >30% 50% 20-10% 3.1 1.55
Crystal 24% 60% 10-15% 2.9 1.54
Half-Crystal 10% 60% 10 (+Na2O 20%) 2.5 1.52

CRISTALUX uses these high-quality Asfour crystals to manufacture its own products, including chandeliers, ceiling lights, and other custom solutions. Each piece is carefully designed to highlight the natural brilliance of the crystal while meeting the precise specifications and unique needs of our clients. Our experienced artisans combine traditional expertise with modern innovation to create unique pieces that enrich and illuminate any space with timeless elegance.